Evelin Tóth, voice

Evelin Tóth started singing at the age of seven. After her classical studies she specialised in a number of exotic techniques (South-Indian, North-African, Sephardic). Since then, she has worked out her own voice technique, which is based on the concept of using the body as an instrument for improvisation, where the different techniques result in the free use of voice, and enhance the depicting ability of it. Due to her absolutely unique, incomparable voice, her truly attracting stage presence and her outstanding acting talents she receives a number of invitations for the stage, recording studios and concert venues.

Theatrical work

Evelin Tóth has been a member of the Hólyagcirkusz Társulat (Bladder Circus Company) since 2002, and participated in the many performances and festival appearances at home and internationally that this truly unique and original music theatre has given. Some of the most successful plays of Hólyagcirkusz, such as Csődcsicsergő (Flop-twitterer) features Evelin as the principal actress-singer. Evelin was awarded Best singer at the Festival of Alternative Theatre in the South-Hungarian city of Szeged by a jury presided over by the famous director András Jeles. He directs a play to be premiered in 2011 in Budapest featuring Evelin, among others. Further international theatre projects she participated in, included ones directed by Oleg Zsukowski and Ivo Dimcev.


The successful and very unique Ektar Quartet was founded by Evelin (voice), Szabolcs Szőke (gadulka), Dániel Kardos (guitar), Róbert Benkő (bass) in 2002. The most recent CD, entitled Kontrapunkt was premiered by an extended group, Ektar Septet, at the end of March, 2010. All the three CDs of Ektar have been published by GyőrFree. Ektar has quite a following across the borders, too, they will be touring Italy in the summer of 2010.


Evelin Tóth has been frequently invited to participate in a number of world music and crossover projects, by the most respected musicians of the genre, such as Péter Szalai (tabla), László Fassang (organ), Zoltán Lantos (Indian and classical violin) Miklós Lukács (cimbalom), András Dés (percussion), Ági Szalóki (singer) Bea Palya (singer), the ensemble Makám. She has also worked with sax player Frank Gratkowski (Germany) multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Ivanov (Bulgaria) Singer Tom Bogdán (USA) and participated in a workshop led by William Parker (USA) at the Mediawave.

As the result of this sort of experience, Evelin Tóth has come up with a series of solo projects starting in 2009. A wonderfully spontaneous duo recording with drummer Hamid Drake (USA) Csókoljon meg (Let him Kiss Me) a much more calculated, but also mesmerizing collaboration with electronic composer Erikk McKenzie (Norway) Embraced and the musical venture into the poetry of Omar Khajjam, called the Rubai Trio. All three CDs have been published by EMI-Hunnia.

Evelin also composes and arranges for theatrical, movie and literary productions. Her original music to the poetry of Orsolya Karafiáth was recorded by herself with a band of all-star musicians and published both in the poetry volume and as a solo CD entitled The Black Cat. She recorded original scores to the films Végállomások (2006) by Gábor Péter Németh, Fövenyóra (2007) by Szabolcs Tolnai, and has the credit of composing music for the documentary Szabadulóművész (2010) by the world famous Hungarian director Árpád Schilling.


As a prolific recording artist and actress, she frequently teaches her own method, called “SoundSearching™”.